Getting started

The Hello Badge output.

Hello Badge is a simple 4‐part series of examples. It is the ‘Hello, world!’ of Tally and introduces the core concepts.

Start playing with Tally now.

How is Tally different?

Read more about how Tally is different.

Play with this site locally

  1. Install Tally:
    npm install tally
  2. Change to the Tally folder:
    cd node_modules/tally/
  3. Start the server:
    npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000 and play!

Note: Tally is written in CoffeeScript. npm install -g coffee-script

Other examples

Source code

Grab the source code from Tally’s GitHub repository.


Build information

Version 0.0.1-55. Build status


Tally is based on the excellent Distal template engine by a very talented anonymous developer.

A big thank‐you to ktty1220 for kindly changing the name of his project in npm to TinyTotalizer so I could use Tally.